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Purchase plastic and steel pipes in Eden, NY

Need premium pipes or fittings for a plumbing project? Want plastic piping materials for gardening or creative artwork? Count on North Star Pipe for plastic and steel pipe sales in Eden, NY. We sell sturdy materials so that you can feel confident in your work. Tell us about the project you're taking on today to see if we can offer any valuable insight.

Use our sturdy pipes in all kinds of creative ways

Pipes are useful for way more than just your typical plumbing or sewer installations. Many of our customers use our plastic and steel pipes in exciting, creative ways. Aside from the practical building uses, you can use our steel and plastic pipes for:

Art pieces: That's right. We'll cut custom pipe sizes so you can make whatever you want.

Gardening: Create pots and small DIY irrigation systems for your plants.

Decor: Tired of spending way too much on decoration for your home? Create interesting decor using our piping materials for the ultimate conversation starter.

We can't wait to help you with your residential piping project in Eden, NY. Start planning today by contacting us.

Get prepared for a commercial job

When you build and install piping systems for a living, there's a lot on the line. Pipes that carry gas or sewage must be durable to prevent dangerous leaks. Make sure that you only use the best local materials. Rely on us to make sure you're building with some of the strongest steel and plastic pipes available for non-industrial use.

The stronger the piping system, the less likely it is to degrade over time. We stand behind the superior durability of all of the pipes and fittings we sell.